Liturgies that invite our guests into a real encounter with Christ

Facilitating our communal worship and sacramental experience

Liturgies play a central role in the expression of Catholic faith. All of the faithful are called to an active and conscious participation in our communal worship and various liturgies that draw us closer to Christ. While the focus remains clearly centered upon Jesus Christ and the sacraments he initiated, the liturgical ministers play an important role in facilitating a smooth, prayerful experience for our parishioners and guests.

The ministry of altar server at Newman Center is important to the accomplishment of the good work of Sunday liturgy and is open to men, women, and youth who are able to fulfill its demands. Server training is provided by parish servers and so is an option even for those who have never served in this ministry before. The presiders and fellow servers are very supportive of new servers and help them learn how to efficiently and reverently carry out their particular duties while also serving as models of participation for all those attending liturgy. Servers are scheduled according to their own needs and personal schedules. Servers may also choose to serve at weekday liturgies and are recruited separately for parish funerals and other special liturgies.
The ministers of hospitality are often the first people one encounters when coming to Sunday liturgy. This ministry is also crucial for accomplishing many of the preparations that must be carried out for liturgy. This ministry is open to anyone interested, willing, friendly, and possessing good organizational skills. Those involved often work in small teams. These ministers set up the needed items for liturgy, help prepare the physical space for those coming to celebrate, recruit parishioners before Mass to help bring up the gifts and take up the collection, and greet those attending Mass and hand out bulletins. After Mass they help secure the collection and tidy up the space for the next liturgy. Hospitality ministers usually serve on a rotating basis at a selected Mass time, though some choose to serve at various Sunday Mass times and for special liturgies.
The ministry of the Eucharist is one of special devotion to the Eucharist and welcomes all who have completed the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation) and live in good standing with the Church. Due to the physical layout of our space and the numbers who attend, we need fifty to sixty to serve in this ministry each Sunday. New ministers are trained by currently serving Eucharistic Ministers and upon parish recommendation are then commissioned by the Bishop to serve in our parish; commissioning to serve in another parish is not transferrable in our diocese. There is not a schedule but rather Eucharistic Ministers schedule themselves by coming early to Mass and signing in for a position and carrying out its particular duties. Ministers are encouraged to serve at least once every three weeks.
The ministry of lector is one of particular devotion to the word of God. Lectors are encouraged and expected to take time to prepare readings both for understanding and for effective public presentation, and to frequently ponder and be formed by the Word of God Lectors new to the parish receive training from selected parish readers and must complete this training in order to be scheduled. Schedules are made up three times a year and readers are offered an opportunity to indicate when they are/are not available to minister.

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