Are you or someone you know interested in Becoming Catholic?

No matter where you are in your journey, all are welcome to learn more about the Catholic faith! Our OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation for Adults, formerly RCIA) program is designed to assist you towards Christ: whether you are seeking baptism, already baptized elsewhere, or just curious to learn more about Catholic faith life.

Join Us!

You can join our OCIA/RCIA program at any time of the year! In-person or virtually: you choose what works best for you! The fall scheduled classes will meet at 7 PM on Tuesdays and will begin September 5th. Please contact us to enroll.

7 PM Tuesday – OCIA meetings are for anyone interested in Catholicism

Not sure if you’re ready to take the next step? You’re not alone! Email us at or call the front desk (859) 255- 8566 for more information.

Get to Know Our Team

Hi! My name is Art Mize and I have been conducting the OCIA classes here at Holy Spirit Parish/Newman Center since 2014. It has been a continual joy to meet people where they are in their relationship to God and help to strengthen that with all that has come down to us from Christ and his apostles and the long wisdom of his holy Church. My own journey into faith has been very complicated, with many strange turns, moral defeats and oversights, yearnings and apathies, yet somehow perseverance and joy—all to equip me to listen and understand something of the varied ways the path can run.

We were made in the image of God to live in His love by reflecting that love back to Him and to all our fellow travelers. Come! Let’s work on this together!

In Christ,

Art Mize


“May the church be the place of God’s mercy and love, where everyone can feel themselves welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live according to the good life of the Gospel.”

– Pope Francis