Wildcats on Mission

Our Catholic Wildcats are scattered across the country over summer break forming new friendships and experiencing new places. And even though apart, they the one same mission: sharing Jesus with those they encounter. At a time when they are distant from their supporting community, formation groups, and comfort zone, they still exemplify the joy of Christ to everyone they meet. By sharing their journey, we hope you too find the inspiration and support for your own personal mission. 

Our first featured student is Karys Whitehead. Karys is the President of our student leadership team, a bible study leader, and the most friendly face you’ll find in the Light. Read her mission below!

Meet Karys

Name, graduation year, major, and your dream job

Hi! My name is Karys Whitehead, I am a nursing major graduating December of 2023, and my dream job is to be a cardiac or orthopedic nurse practitioner!

Where are you this summer?

Although I’m originally from Cincinnati, I am in Lexington this summer working as a nurse technician at UK’s hospital on a cardiac floor.

What are you doing there?

I help out the nurses on our floor with patient care. This includes helping in procedures, helping patients with basic activities, and yes, cleaning up patients A LOT, but I still love it. I chose to do this for the summer because it boosts me in my nursing career and I have always loved working with people.

Mission in this place is simple: care for the sick and vulnerable in our community. Through working at the hospital, I have been able to encounter so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ, all on different paths of life. Work has also helped me to dive into prayers for healing, as I always have someone to pray for. One memory I will never forget is being in the chapel with a patient and singing Amazing Grace with her while we talked about what God’s Kingdom might be like.
meet Karys!

What does your summer look like when you’re not doing that ^?

When I am not in my fashion-forward teal scrubs, I can usually be found at daily Mass or hanging out in my apartment parking lot with the rest of the summer Newman Crew.
What does your prayer look like this summer?
This summer, I have become a regular at Christ The King Cathedral’s Adoration Chapel, and try to go on my days off of work.
Prayer life has been a bit different than school, because now I can truly sit and dwell in Christ’s presence, instead of looking at the clock to go to class.
What is your go-to read or listen to right now?
My favorite thing to do in Adoration is ‘Book Club’ with Jesus and read whatever Catholic or spiritual book I have. My recent favorite being Be Healed by Bob Schuchts.  I highly recommend this one is you are needing God’s healing in ANY part of your life

What are you most excited about this upcoming school year?

This coming school year, I am so excited to get Core Team back together and start planning all the fun activities we have in store. I cannot wait to see everyone’s smiling faces again and come together in our loving community. OH! And swing dance under the new courtyard lights. 🙂

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