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Happy 4th Sunday of Lent!

(Photo taken by Fr. Lobo at the front entrance of Holy Spirit Parish/ Newman Center.)

This photo says so much. . . .


And I mean that more than just in a chronological way.

Before resurrection could take place, the crucifixion had to occur.  Before Easter, there is Lent.

But Easter came!!!   Jesus did rise from the dead!!!

The coronavirus pandemic has made this Lent a unique one, to say the least.  Preparation for Easter this Lent has included doing our part in blunting the effects of the virus; growing in our relationship with Christ (crises have a way of reorienting our priorities and making the important ones more clear); imitating Christ by reaching out and caring for each other and being the light of the world in this time of darkness.  So while we are still in Lent, we can never forget that every day brings us closer to Easter, closer to resurrection!!!

Lent is a season of HOPE and PROMISE!!!

All of today’s Lenten readings are readings of HOPE and PROMISE.

In the anointing of David as King, we are reminded of the promises made to us by God that God’s covenant will be fulfilled through a new David, a new King, a newly anointed one—Jesus Christ—who reigns now and forever.  God never goes back on a PROMISE.  (1 Samuel 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a)

The Psalm this week is Psalm 23.  It too is all about HOPE and PROMISE.  “THE Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. In verdant pastures he gives me repose; beside restful waters he leads me; he refreshes my soul.”

In the Letter to the Ephesians (5:8-14), we are reminded that we are a reflection of the light of Christ. That we Christians are integral to fulfilling the PROMISES of God and are living witnesses of HOPE for the world.  “Live as children of the light. . . ”

And in the Gospel (John 9:1-41), Jesus heals a man born blind, re-emphasizing that great theme from John of Christ being the light in the darkness, a light that darkness cannot overcome nor understand.  This miracle is a “sign” of this reality.


With each passing day, Easter gets closer!!!

Gov. Brashear asked that places of worship unite in ringing their church bells at 10am this Sunday morning.  Thanks to parishioner Chuck Mallory, the bells at Holy Spirit Parish/ Newman Center rang loud and clear this morning announcing the PROMISE and HOPE of Jesus Christ to the world.

Looking forward to the day when we can worship together in person again.  I miss seeing you in person!!!

Even though there are no public masses, Fr. Lobo and I still offer non-public masses every day with the primary intention of our masses being for our faith community and for the world.

While there will be no office hours at Holy Spirit Parish/ Newman Center because of the pandemic, Fr. Lobo and I will be available for any emergent spiritual needs or if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation concerning food or medication.  My cell phone number is 859-285-9824 and Fr. Lobo’s cell number is 609-457-0049.

Remember, as always, stay close to Jesus and His Mother so we can be a source of love, patience, and kindness.  As Jesus tells us, we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  We are a reflection of PROMISE and HOPE.

In Christ,

Fr. Steve