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A May Crowning by one of our families at Holy Spirit Parish


You will receive a survey tomorrow (Tuesday) which will ask if you plan to come to public Masses beginning on the weekend of May 30th and 31st.


Also, you’ll be asked to tell us how many from your household plan to come with you and which Mass you plan to attend.


Please help us serve you and keep you safe by filling out the survey as we begin to make definitive plans for public Masses.


Thank you!!

We miss you, we love you and we want to keep you safe.


We’ll know more about seating and the number of Masses after the survey!!!

Happy 6th Week of Easter!!!


Daily Masses (except Saturdays) will be lived streamed from Holy Spirit Parish / Newman Center at 12:10 pm!!!


Sunday Mass will be lived streamed at 11:30 am!!!


To access the live-streamed Masses:

-Go to YouTube and search Catholic Wildcats for our Catholic Wildcats YouTube Channel


-or use this link:

Awesome quote


A great quote Albert Camus’ The Plague by Dr. Bernard Rieux, the narrator and central character who works tirelessly to lessen the suffering of those around him even though the plague is overwhelming:


“This whole thing is not about heroism,” he says. “It may seem a ridiculous idea, but the only way to fight the plague is with decency.”



We will resume public masses at Holy Spirit Parish on the weekend of May 30 and 31, the weekend of Pentecost!!!!


At this time, we will continue with our regular weekend Mass schedule (Saturday 6 pm, Sundays 9,11:30, and 5; and Daily Mass at 12:10.


We miss and we love you; AND we want to keep you safe!!!!


More to come as things develop!!!

Some of the guidelines concerning the Eucharist when we re-open for Mass during the pandemic.

The priest will consume the sacred host as usual, and then finish with the prayer after communion and the final rites.  Then, rows will be directed to leave the church and the communicants will receive communion as they exit.  This allows for better social distancing and is included in the Bishop’s guidelines.


Priests will use hand sanitizer before distributing communion.


Communion ministers will wear masks.


If inadvertent contact is made such as the touching of the hand, the priest or other minister of communion will stop and sanitize hands before continuing with communion.


Gloves are not to be worn by ministers or recipients of communion.


Communion is distributed only in the form of bread and given to communicants only in the hand.


There are no vocal words at the distribution of communion, the minister will hold up the sacred host and the communicant will bow.


More of the guidelines to come!!!

From a new book entitled Catholicism in the Time of the Corona Virus by English sociologist Stephen Bullivant.


Yet this might also be a time of great spiritual opportunity and transformation.


In the first place, the coronavirus—like many tragedies before it— has forced us to confront a general truth about the nature of things, a truth that we all know in our bones but that we choose, typically, to cover-up or overlook: the radical contingency of the world.


This means, to state it simply, that everything in our experience is unstable; it comes into being and it passes out of being. And though we habitually divert ourselves from accepting it, this contingency principle applies to each of us. Whenever we get really sick, or a good friend dies, or a strange new virus threatens the general population, this truth manages to break through our defenses. When we are shaken, we seek by a very healthy instinct for that which is ultimately stable, and for that ultimate cause that is not itself contingent—namely, God.



Read about parishioner Dr. Susanne Arnold co-leading a Clinical trial at UK concerning COVID-19


“UK Launches Clinical Trial to Evaluate Novel Treatments for COVID-19”


Way to go Susanne!!!!

Special prayers and support


Parishioner Sandy Fitz’s only brother is a physician in Louisville.  He recently had surgery for an aggressive tumor on his bladder.  He has since tested positive for Covid-19 and is currently in ICU.    He is about 75 and was still working a reduced schedule. He is married and has five grown children.


Also, one of Bob Fitz’s cousins is also ill with the virus.


Just know Sandy and Bob that you have a parish that cares for you, supports you, and is praying for you!!!!

Special prayers and support


Please keep Kathy McLaughlin and her husband Bob in your prayers.  Kathy’s mom Keitah Cofer Long Belanger recently passed away in Louisville.  The small funeral Mass, due to COVID-19 restrictions, was held this past week at St. Albert the Great Church in Louisville!!!


Kathy and Bob just know that you and your family are being prayed for and that you have a parish community that cares deeply for you.

Because of your generosity, our mission has been able to continue. Usually, our extraordinary Easter Match—which is so important to our ministry at the Newman Center—is coming to a conclusion now. However, due to the unique situation of this year, and not being able to have Easter Masses, we are extending the Easter Match to Pentecostal Sunday.


There are two ways to give to the Easter Match. You can write a check to Holy Spirit Parish The Newman Center with “Easter Match” in the memo line. So many of you have already done that, thank you! You can also visit our website and select “Support Our Easter Match”.

While there will be no office hours at Holy Spirit Parish/ Newman Center because of the pandemic, Fr. Lobo and I will be available for any emergent spiritual needs or if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation concerning food or medication.  My cell phone number is 859-285-9824 and Fr. Lobo’s cell number is 609-457-0049.


Once public masses resume, there will be limited office hours from 11:00 am to 2 pm using masks and appropriate social distancing.


Happy Easter!!!

Fr. Steve