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Banner hanging in the courtyard at Holy Spirit Parish / Newman


Please be careful out there!!!  I went out to eat at a restaurant last night with a mask and proper social distancing and to me at least, what I was saw was people acting as if we weren’t still in a pandemic.  Cases are spiking in so many places and looking at our curve in Kentucky it is very difficult to tell if we are plateauing or getting ready for a spike.  I give my personal observation on this just to remind everyone to be careful.  We are certainly not out of this yet!!

This Sunday at 11:30 Mass we will be having a baptism and confirmation for two who were in our RCIA class Emily Clark  and Brittany Sexton

They’ve been waiting an extra-long time for this, so please keep them in your prayers as they make this very important step in their lives.

Dr. Kathleen Jaggar new President of Newman University in Witchita, Kansas.

It is awesome to share with you that former Holy Spirit Parish parishioner Dr. Kathleen Jagger, PhD has just been named the new President of Newman University.  Dr. Jaggar was a biology professor at Transylvania University along with some administrative roles while she attended our parish.  She then moved into an administrative role at Thomas Moore University in Northern Kentucky where she eventually became interim President.  From Thomas Moore, she will be moving to Witchita for this new and exciting challenge in her life.

Dr. Jaggar asks if we could please keep her in our prayers!!!  I assured her of our support.

Sunday Mass will be lived streamed at 11:30 am!!!

Daily Masses (except Saturdays) will be lived streamed from Holy Spirit Parish / Newman Center at 12:10 pm!!!

We are making the effort to live-stream all weekend masses so someone sitting in the courtyard can follow the Mass.

To access the live-streamed Masses:

-Go to YouTube and search Catholic Wildcats for our Catholic Wildcats YouTube Channel

-or use this link:

THANKS, GLEN for all your hard work streaming the Masses!!!

Remember to reserve seats for next weeks Masses if you choose to come.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding.

The Bishop has stated that we can increase our capacity for Mass to 50% occupancy as long as social distancing is maintained.  When we reconfigured our Church we had this increase in mind and set up for more than the 30% capacity.  With social distancing, the capacity for Holy Spirit Parish is 143.

Just a couple of important reminders.

Remember wearing a mask is required to enter the building for Mass and the masks need to remain on during the entire Mass.

Again, thank you for your cooperation as we strive to keep everyone safe.

Don’t forget the courtyard option, we had several take advantage of that this weekend.

Remember, each weekend will require a new reservation to be made.

Please come as early as you can so we can get everyone seated and

know how many walk-ins we can bring in.

What to expect when returning to Mass

Mass Attendance Data since Returning

Date                    Time                   In Church         Courtyard        Reserved          Reserved %

May 30              6P                         55                         2                           43                         77%

May 31              9A                        84                         0                           79                         94%

11:30                  64                         3                           33                         49%

5P                         38                         1                           25                         64%

June 6                 6P                         58                         1                           52                         88%

June 7                 9A                        53                         0                           44                         83%

11:30                  60                         2                           46                         74%

5P                         47                         0                           27                         57%

June 13              6P                         44                         0                           47                         109%

June 14              9A                        58                         0                           45                         77%

11:30                  54                         0                           52                         96%

5P                         28                         0                           25                         89%

June 20              6P                         62                         2                           48                         77%

June 21              9A                        68                         4                           22                         32%

11:30                  61                         5                           26                         42%

5P                         37                         0                           12                         33%

UK will be back in session a week earlier than they originally planned.  The start date is August 17.  We are starting to plan how things will look and function when school resumes.

Due to time constraints at the Parish, I will not be sending out an update every single day, but promise to keep you informed of everything happening at our parish and Newman Center.


Fr. Lobo and I do hear confessions on an individual basis using proper social distancing. Just contact us for an appointment if you would like to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

There are limited office hours from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Fr. Lobo and I will be available for any emergent spiritual needs or if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation concerning food or medication.  My cell phone number is 859-285-9824 and Fr. Lobo’s cell number is 609-457-0049.

In Christ,

Fr. Steve