Project Description

K week is here!!!
Classes at UK are scheduled to start on August 17th.  As such, this week is the traditional K Week where we welcome students as they enter our parish community and Newman Center.
As you can imagine, with the pandemic in full swing in Kentucky, this presents us great challenges.  We have several events scheduled all the while making sure we are complying with Diocesan, state, and university precautions and policies.
Much planning and work has gone into this.  Please keep us in your prayers as we try to welcome students safely into our parish community.
Notable Events at Newman:
Freshman First Night
August 12 @ 7 PM
Join us on the lawn for an outdoor movie. Meet other students and enjoy all your favorite movie snacks. Bring your own blanket and we’ll provide the rest!
Bible Study Leader Orientation
August 13 @ 5 PM
Explaining COVID procedures, group discipleship, and study resources. Meet other student leaders and enjoy some snacks!
Wine Night
August 13 @ 7:30 PM
Meet other students while learning about your new favorite wine! All grad students welcome (21+).
Trivia Night
August 15 @ 8 PM
Drop in to enjoy a night full of trivia, snow cones, and prizes!
Student Sunday Mass
August 16 @ 8:30 PM
Join us for mass on the patio every Sunday night. Ice Cream Sundays on the front lawn to follow!
Formation Night
August 18 @ 7 PM
Interested in getting plugged into a small group? Join us for our small group kickoff to meet other students and enjoy snacks.
Thursday Night
August 20 @ 8:30 PM
Join us for our first student mass of the year. Bonfire and s’mores to follow.
Visit to register for these exciting events! Hope to see you there!

One More Step…..Be the Bridge
With the recent racial unrest sparked by the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd, Christ the King held a prayer service for racial justice and hosted a study group on the USCCB pastoral letter against racism, Open Wide Our Hearts. Our next step is to start building bridges through transformative encounters with an ethnically diverse group of people through a nationally recognized program called Be the Bridge ( The group will be co-led by Christ the King parishioners Dr. Wanda Gonsalves and Ms. Roxanne Cheney.
Join us on August 20 at 6:30 pm for a virtual Be the Bridge orientation via Zoom
For more information or to sign up, please contact Meg Campos at

Update on Parish Finances

On July 31, the Diocese of Covington released a list of all priests, deacons, brothers, sisters, and lay employees of the Diocese who have substantiated allegation of sexual abuse of minors since 1950. 
Lexington was part of the Diocese of Covington until 1988. Therefore, this list includes most of the territory of the Diocese of Lexington from 1950-1988. The list from the Diocese of Lexington, which will cover from 1988 to the present, is projected to be released on August 13.
You can view the whole report from the Diocese of Covington on their website at
I encourage you to read Bishop Foys’ letter and the Statement before reading the list. In part, the Statement says that the list was prepared by an independent third party, and is based on probable cause. Read the statement for the important definition of “substantiated allegation.”
Some of the priests and others whose names are on the list served throughout the diocese and some were members of the faculty at Lexington Catholic. Their presence on the list does not automatically mean that their abusive behavior happened while they served in the territory of our Diocese of Lexington. But we are sure that some of it did.
Seeing their names causes me additional concern for the victims, anger, and pain.
Seeing their names may affect you that way, too. Seeing their names may encourage some victims who have not come forward to do so. Seeing their names may stir up the need for more healing in identified victims/survivors.
The Diocese of Lexington pledges to do all it can to assist any victim of child sexual abuse by a cleric or lay employee by providing the necessary assistance for the healing of mind, spirit, and body.  The diocesan Victim’s Assistance Coordinator is Laura Napora, LCSW  who can be contacted at 338-5695 or by email at or by mail at 1310 West Main St. Lexington, Ky 40508.
We offer support for victims of abuse through other laypeople as well. If you are interested, please call Linda at 859-333-8593.
In response to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People implemented by the U. S. Catholic Bishops’ Conference in 2002, the Diocese of Lexington has a Code of Conduct in order to provide a safe environment for all children and vulnerable adults within our parishes, schools, and diocesan apostolates.
The Diocese of Lexington is awaiting the completion of a similar independent review of diocesan files, commissioned by the bishop. When it is published, hopefully on August 13, we will be prepared to offer assistance to victims who are impacted by its release as well.
Please continue to keep the victims, and everyone involved, in your prayers.

Covid Mass Resumption Data
Date                Time                In Church        Courtyard        Reserved         Att v Res %
Aug 1              6P                    35                    2                      32                    87%
Aug 2              9A                   59                    1                      35                    58%
                        11:30               77                    3                      49                    62%
                        5P                    36                                            18                    50%
Aug 8              6P                    55                    2                      31                    54%
Aug 9              9A                   74                    2                      16                    21%
                        11:30               93                    3                      17                    18%
                        5P                    40                    0                      2                      5%
                        8:30P               0                      38                    4                      11%