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Ascension A

Acts 1:1-11 / Ephesians 1:17-23 / Matthew 28:16-20


Happy Solemnity of the Ascension.


A friend of mine sent me a meme that said:


Today is the Solemnity of the Ascension.


To those who wonder what it’s all about:

It’s the day when Jesus started to work from home.


Kind of an appropriate considering the times we are in.


You know, if you learn the movement—

if you learn the pattern of things—

Then enterprises become much easier.


If a musician learns the basic movements

of a piece of music

then the music becomes much easier to play—


And knowing the movements even

makes it possible to compose music.


I am told that the basic movements

of a symphony in the time of Mozart—

was four:


a fast movement—

then a slow movement—

then a dance-like movement—

and then to end the piece another fast movement.


Or if you learn the basic movements of

the perfect jump shot in basketball—


Or the movements of a perfect golf swing—

then the game becomes easier.


But first one must master the movements.


Well, Brothers and Sisters in Christ—

living the Christian life is no different.


Living the Christian life to it’s fullest

has certain movements to it—

and these movements are the moves of Jesus.


And once we recognize—

and then understand—

and then copy—

with the help of grace–

these basic movements of Christ. . . .


then living the Christian life becomes easier. . . .


And as we repeat them

over and over and over—

with the help of grace—

they become part of our nature.


We become other Christs!!!


A few weeks—

when we celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass—

I mentioned some of the main movements of Christ.


I want to re-emphasize those movements today . . . .


The second person of the Trinity—

Humbles Himself—

And bends down to become human—

To be with us.


And He bends down and

takes on a sinners baptism—

and then a sinners death.


Bending down—



1st movement.


And Jesus bends down so He can be raised up—

Raised up after defeating evil and sin and death—

With self-sacrificial love.


And He raises us up with Him.




That’s the basic movement of

the Resurrection and the Ascension.


Jesus bends down—

and then Jesus rises up—

and we rise, too.


That’s the 2nd movement!!


And after Jesus ascends into heaven—

Jesus pours out—

He pours out His Spirit upon Us.


More about that next week at Pentecost.


Jesus pours forth—

That’s the 3rd movement.


Some of the basic movements of Christ:


Jesus bends down—

Jesus rises up—

And Jesus pours forth.


Since we’re still in the Easter Season—

Resurrection. . . .


And with today being the Ascension. . . .


I want to make just a few comments on

this basic upward movement of Christianity.


Of being raised up.


What does that mean for us?


Well, first—

and this is the most obvious . . .


The Ascension tells us that there is a

whole other life that awaits us when we die. . .


and then to go further—

when Jesus comes at the end of time—

there will be a new heaven and a new earth.


In this other life—

in another dimension—

we will be in union with God—

Father and the Son and Holy Spirit.


And there will be a new creation. . . .

the Kingdom of God in the full.


No more sin—

No more tears—

No more hurting each other—

No more being hurt—

No death.


Instead peace and harmony—

all division is wiped away.


Where there will be healing—

Physical and emotional healing.


How I yearn to experience that healing for myself—

All my physical wounds—

All my spiritual wounds—

Swallowed up and healed in the wounds of Christ.


And how I yearn to see other people

when they are fully healed. . . .


To see and experience them

how God meant me and them to be.


Yes, Jesus ascends—

Jesus rises to that other dimension—

And prepares that place for us.


Jesus rose so we can rise to another life with him.


That’s the most obvious way that the rising of Jesus affects us.

But there’s more—

there always more


Brothers and Sisters in Christ—

If there’s one thing I know. . . . it’s this.


The greatest adventure. . .

the most exciting adventure ever—

is the adventure in discovering who this God of ours is—

the adventure of being in a deep relationship with God.


Our mystics are a witness to this. . . .


And as our spiritual life deepens—

we realize that too.


The continual discovery of who God is

never ceases to amaze—

never ceases to bring wonder.


God is Infinite—

God is Beauty itself—

God is Good itself—

God is Truth itself—

God is Love.


This continual discovery of God

as we practice the Christian spiritual life

is like going to that class where there was always—

always something interesting and new and exciting to learn. . . .


you couldn’t wait for the class to start. . . .

and you hated to see it end.


This continual discovery of God

is like being in that almost ecstatic and mesmerized state

as you listen to the most incredible music you’ve ever heard. . . .


or stare at the most beautiful piece of art you’ve ever seen.


This continual discovery of God

is like that feeling when you’re just so happy

to be with that someone else. . .



there’s no other place that you’d rather be—

there’s a fullness of peace and love!!!


It’s all of this and more—

Always more—

As we grow deeper in our relationship with God.


And you want to know something wonderful?!?!?!


The more we discover who God is—

The more we discover who we really are—

Our true selves.


Yes, as Jesus rises—

He offers to take us with Him on

the greatest and most incredible

human and divine journey than we could ever imagine.


And the last thing that I want to mention

about this basic upward movement of Christianity—

is that as Jesus rises—

when we choose to let Him take us with Him—

our character is elevated.


As we enter into a deep relationship with God—

through grace we cannot help but to be changed—

to be transformed.


Our wounded-ness begins to be healed—

And we ourselves cease to wound—

and instead we become co-healers with Jesus.


Our vices shrink—

And our virtues rise and rise—


And we begin to love like Jesus—

We begin to forgive like Jesus—

We begin to be a positive force for others like Jesus.


And when this happens—

When we are transformed—

We help transform the world—

By helping transform those around us.



Oh wonderful are those basic moves of Jesus.


He bends down—

He rises up—

He pours out.


On this celebration of the Ascension—

Let’s celebrate what awaits us—

Let’s celebrate being raised up with Jesus.


Holy Spirit 05/24/2020

COVID -19 Quarantine / live streamed.