Project Description

If you’ve ever been in the Catholic Center—
the chancery of
the Diocese of Lexington on Leestown Road—
in one of the hallways you’ll see a
statue of St. Lawrence the deacon.

That statue is there is there for a reason.

St. Lawrence was one of the deacons of
the early Church in Rome.

In 258 AD, the Roman emperor Valerian
did not like the Christians—
he didn’t like them at all.

So, in August of that year
Emperor Valerian issued an edict.

He commanded that all
bishops, priests, and deacons of the Church
should be put to death.

And his imperial command was
carried out immediately in Rome.

So, on August 6th, Pope Sixtus II
was apprehended in one of the catacombs—
and executed.

On the same day, two other deacons
in the Church of Rome were apprehended—
and executed.

And four days later—
on the 10th of August—
another deacon—St. Lawrence—
was caught and suffered a martyr’s death.

When St. Lawrence was first apprehended—
he was asked by the Roman authorities
to hand over to them all of
the treasures of the Church.

And you know what Lawrence did.

He went and gathered up all of the poor
people of the Church in Rome—
and there were many—
and presented them to Roman authorities.

You see, St. Lawrence, had already given
all of the material treasures of the Church away.

He already given all that he had to the poor.

So what’s the true treasure of the Church—
the poor—
those in need—
those suffering.

It’s the poor that our Lord has a
special place in His heart for—
it’s the poor who the Lord has entrusted us—
His Church with—
to take of

This story is why the statue of
St. Lawrence is on display in our chancery.

We are a poor diocese—
we just don’t have the resources that
many other dioceses have to carry out the mission of Christ.

There are many, many poor who live
within our borders.

And not only do we have the many
materially poor in our diocese—
we have many spiritually poor—
many who do not know Jesus—
or many who know Him on such a superficial level
that there Christians in name only—
who are in our diocese.

And it is the poor—
like St. Lawrence realized—
are the true treasures of this diocese.

And in that sense—
this materially poor Diocese of Lexington—
is rich—very rich—
because we have been entrusted
with so many of those who
God is asking us to look after.

So, no matter what else is going on in the world—
Or in our country—
Or in our Church—
Or in our Diocese—
the Gospel must be preached—
the poor must be tended to—
the material poor and the spiritual poor.

This weekend is the beginning of
our Diocesan annual appeal.

Where all Catholics in the Diocese are
asked to contribute for the
good of the whole Diocese.

So many of the parishes in Eastern Kentucky
where there are so few Catholics—
are not self-supportive—
if left without our help—
they can’t keep their doors open.

And it’s in these parishes and missions in
Eastern Kentucky where many of the materially poor—
Catholic or non-Catholic—
They’re all God’s children—
God has entrusted them to us to take care of.

So many of our small Catholic schools
in Eastern Kentucky are not self-supportive—
without our help—
they Can’t keep their doors open—
and can’t give—
whether Catholic or non-Catholic
a much-needed spiritual education.

And Seminarians must be educated.

Catholic Charities must have the resources to
reach out even more to the poor.

And the Diocese has even included
us at Holy Spirit Parish—
the Newman Center—
as a recipient this year—
because of our mission to
reach out the students on campus—
an especially vulnerable group—
because so many are leaving are the faith—
so many are looking for fulfillment in the wrong places—
so much spiritual poverty.

So during this month—
prayerfully consider giving to the Diocesan Annual Appeal.

If you haven’t been mailed an envelope—
if you don’t have an envelope—
then pick one up in our of the
collection baskets as they are passed
around for the offertory.

And go to our website——
or to the diocesan website——
and see short videos about the appeal and
what the money will be used for.

Look at the video about our special mission at
Holy Spirit Parish /The Newman Center,

No matter what else is going on in the world—
or in our country—
or In our Church—
or In our Diocese—
the Gospel must be preached—
the poor must be tended to—
the material poor and the spiritual poor.

They are our special treasure—
They are God’s special treasure.

Holy Spirt 2018