Catholic Wildcats Society is one of the easiest ways to become a mission partner here at the Catholic Newman Center.

Your monthly investment in our Catholic students at the University of Kentucky will be used to sponsor programs that have a direct impact on the faith lives of students by helping them come to know Christ and then to go forth and evangelize the world. Jesus Christ changes everything!

Benefits of being a member of the Catholic Wildcats Society:
• Easiest way to give •
• Monthly email updates on the ministry •
• Yearly subscription to The Living Faith Catholic Daily Devotions •
• Changing the lives of college students, the Church, and the world! •

“The Newman Center here at UK has had a major impact on my faith life. From social events, to Bible studies, to Mass, the Newman Center has helped me not only grow in my faith life, but also helped me evangelize to many of my friends.  I am so thankful for all the people who make this Newman Center possible through their generosity.”
~Catherine Dawahare, UK Student

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