Our Mission is Jesus.

We are on a mission to form a Catholic Christian community by showing a personal interest in each student and leading him and her to encounter Jesus Christ and to serve Him.


Community is the bedrock of the Christian life. It’s in a community that saints are made. Our vision is to have a vibrant, growing community that edifies every student who walks through our doors and equips him or her to leave the University of Kentucky as a disciple of Christ. We want every student on campus to know who we are, what we do, and how he or she can be part of our community.


Christianity is primarily about a relationship with a person – Jesus Christ. We can grow that relationship by encountering Him in the Sacraments, in His Word, and through encounters with other disciples. Here at Newman, we provide settings of all types for the Holy Spirit lead our students to fall in love with Him!


We know that when we are Christ to the world, we will meet Him.  We want every person to know the joy of meeting Jesus by serving another.

Newman Stories

Meet our amazing network of parishioners, volunteers, and community leaders that make our mission at Newman a reality.


Together We Stand

Here at the Newman Center, we have the benefit of being both a campus ministry and a parish. As we serve a myriad of ages, everyone benefits from support within their community and from our community-at-large. The experience of students, families, and adults, both young and young-at-heart, is rooted in a rich expression of Catholic spirituality. From sacred liturgies to personal bible studies, men and women at every level are invited, welcomed, and challenged to grow in their faith. The Gospel message of Jesus is made present every day as they are formed in their faith, led to a real encounter with Christ, and called to serve others.


We are an energetic, fun, and spiritual community that encourages a deep encounter with Christ and a place of belonging for Catholics at the University of Kentucky.

Catholic Wildcats seek out personal opportunities to grow in our faith. Through liturgies, Bible studies, social events, and service opportunities, we are personally invited into a place of authentic Catholic faith, where we are challenged to grow, become closer with Christ, and reach out with our faith to meet the spiritual and physical needs of others (“Form, Encounter, Serve)”.

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Young Adults & Grad Students

Just because you finished undergraduate school doesn’t mean you have to leave Newman behind!  We have a vibrant community of young adults and professional students that are passionate about growing in their faith and supporting their peers to do the same.

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Parish Community

Our Holy Spirit Parish is an active and faith-filled community that extends well beyond the boundaries of the University of Kentucky. We profess our Catholic faith that is both ever-ancient and ever-new, and wholeheartedly believe that we accomplish much more together than we ever could apart.

The living action of the Holy Spirit inspires us to join together as a community for liturgies, worship, social events, and service. We seek especially to make Christ known through acts of love and social justice.

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For over 50 years, Holy Spirit Parish has served the University of Kentucky as a dynamic and vibrant church community. The Catholic Newman Center gives Catholic Wildcats a physical and spiritual home—a place to belong, to grow in faith, and to challenge themselves to live out the Gospel message.

I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me


Need to talk to a priest?  We’re here for you!

Call the office at 859.255.8566 for an appointment!

Fr. Steve Roberts
Fr. Steve RobertsPastor
About Fr. Steve
Fr. Prashanth Lobo, MSSCC
Fr. Prashanth Lobo, MSSCCAssociate Pastor
About Fr. Lobo
Sr. Ellen Kehoe, S.P.
Sr. Ellen Kehoe, S.P.Pastoral Associate
About Sr. Ellen
Jim Musgove
Jim MusgoveDirector of Operations
About Jim
Kevin Steele
Kevin SteeleMinister to Students
About Kevin
Michelle Pitts
Michelle PittsCampus Ministry Coordinator
About Michelle
Leah Tepe
Leah TepeCampus Ministry Coordinator
About Leah
Stephanie Shipley
Stephanie ShipleyNewman Missionary
About Stephanie
Brian Gall
Brian GallNewman Missionary
About Brian
Morgan Markowski
Morgan MarkowskiNewman Missionary
About Morgan
Jake Burns
Jake BurnsNewman Missionary
About Jake
Ryan Haley
Ryan HaleyDirector of Philanthropy
About Ryan
Rene Leaver
Rene LeaverPhilanthropy Operations Manager
About Rene
Kathy Rossoll
Kathy RossollBookkeeper
About Kathy
Mary Weber Bane
Mary Weber BaneDirector of Liturgy and Music
About Mary
Marlene Wilson
Marlene WilsonMusic Ministry Assistant
About Marlene
Delma Smith
Delma SmithParish Secretary
About Delma
Art Mize
Art MizeRCIA Coordinator
About Art
Gregory Willitt
Gregory WillittMusic Intern
About Gregory
Maggie Terry
Maggie TerryCommunications Coordinator
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